Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Well....my blog is sure kind of boring to most people probably...and I cannot really do anything much fancy since I cannot post pictures and things like that yet...or at least I don't think so. I will have to check it out.

Anyway......been running running running endless errands errands errands!! Saw an old homeless appearing woman outside the grocery store the other day. Something about her drew me to her...I felt bad for her. She had a winter coat on and it was very hot outside.....and she had no socks...just gym shoes. Looked like she was dirty and very very tired and hungry. Acted like she wanted to ask someone for something but was too embarrassed to ask. I went to our truck and loaded in our groceries...and wondered what her story was...and how she ended up like that. Course she could have just been an older lady with a home but out and about I suppose. Anyway....I KNEW I had to go to McDonalds which was in the same parking lot and get her something to eat at least. So we drove through....I got her 2 cheeseburgers, 2 fries and a big Coca Cola. Now I had to find a way to give it to her without making her feel bad in case she was not homeless...etc. SO I prayed to God that she would ACCEPT things in a nice way....I found her over by the bus stop...sitting there..I imagine resting. I walked up and asked her if she was hungry which she promptly replied YES. I said well we just drove through McDonalds and got some extra food and thought she might like something to eat. She gladly accepted it and said she was tired and did not feel all that well. She then politely asked if I had 50 cents. I told her I did not carry any cash and wish I did as I would give her some...but that I DID carry change and would give her all the quarters I had..which was only about 2.00 I think. She took it and I told her to take care. I left and went back to my truck and cried. I see all these homeless people all the time downtown in Denver....lined up side by side on the sidewalks sleeping....hanging out. Must be something we could all do for them. Anyway...this car pulled up beside me in the truck and I was afraid this man was going to yell at me for feeding this woman who maybe hangs around in that area all the time...but instead he said " I just had to tell you that if everyone would be a little more like you this world would be a better place...you guys are AWESOME!". I was STUNNED and started to bawl even more. I guess I had no idea anyone like that was watching. I always feel GOD is watching me or with me and I know we should be as Christ-like as possible as our actions can sometimes influence others. Well..here is a prime example of that. This man was apparently behind me in McDonald's drive through and he saw what I did...and thought it was amazing. Maybe he will do the same someday.

This was all so much like OUT OF A MOVIE...I half expected to see the woman turn around and it be Jesus standing there telling me I had passed His test of some kind...which I know I did anyway even without that happening. HE definitely impressed upon me to FEED the woman....which I did the best I could at least for that moment in time. I wish I could do more for those people. IF I had a lot of money I would want to build a shelter where they could get a new start and training and FOOD and places to sleep...etc.

Anyway.....been busy getting the house cleaned up finally. Got my truck washed today. Looks nice. Course the neighbors have dinged up the side doors a bit by ramming their car doors into the side. I guess that can eventually all be buffed out. My list is endless and goes on forever...guess there will always be things to do..which is actually a GOOD THING.

Called grandma from a park on Monday. She sounded good...and we had a nice hour long conversation. She said she is anxious about our coming to visit her soon.

Noah and I started putting up Easter decorations. (I ALMOST said Christmas!). Hopefully we will finish that this week. I seriously also need to do more in the house...want to have it together at least before we take a trip. MAYBE we can even have Noah's room painted and redone before then.

Not much else. Working my butt off for work trying to get caught up before taking vacation in April. SO I basically work every night of the week. (I HEAR THE ICE CREAM TRUCK OUTSIDE!)

Yes....been warm here. Hit 79 degrees yesterday and is already 70 degrees again today.

Well..too much to do to sit here. Need to get to it.

Ta ta

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