Friday, March 26, 2004

well. I went to our FABULOUS dollar store today. I got a cart...which I KNOW when I do that I am headed for trouble and spending at least 40-50.00. I was right on target today. Ended up with 50 items in my cart!! This is a fabulous store...has all kinds of wonderful buys! Today BEST buys were LEATHER CD holders...normally sell for 10.00 most anywhere else. Hold 24 to 32 CDs!! Also some printer paper you can make stickers out of.....wonderful PENS with 10 yes TEN different colors of ink inside. I was stunned...and opened them and they DO WORK! Wonderful Easter things and toys for the kids.....UMBRELLAS!!! ONE DOLLAR EACH! I mean I really get into this store! Got ROLL UP EXPENSIVE BLINDS for kids for cars...1.00 EACH!!! Well for each package of TWO BLINDS! SUPER NICE.....Steering wheel leather cover 1.00 EACH!!!! I never cease to be amazed at what all you can find at this dollar store. OLD MOVIES on CDs...1.00 each! Reading glasses 1.00 EACH! AND this stuff is NOT JUNK like some of the dollar stores.

I got up at 12:15 ready for work. Ran to the hospital to work and stayed there for about 4 hours...came home and finished my time. Took Noah to school.....then off to the coffee/bread place PANERAs for coffee....then to the dollar store..back home again...and back to get Noah to end up at this pizza buffet place for lunch with Keith's youngest daughter LeighAnn. We had a good time. Noah however at the end of the lunch for some reason tosses his napkin at the table behind me. The man it landed beside did not seem to upset. I turned around and apologized.....we corrected Noah. The man behind me however.....seemed to be really ticked and kept muttering crap about how his parents would never have let him get away with that..etc. ON AND ON. I guess he did not hear us correct Noah....and I am not sure what he would have expected us to do...he was not misbehaving or acting out badly or anything like that. He just tossed his SPIT BALL napkin across to the other table..YES>>>WRONG move...but he is after all only 5 and NOT 50 and sometimes kids can do unexpected things. I would suggest that these men not choose to sit at a table close to small kids if they don't want to be bothered. WHO KNOWS. I held my tongue..which was extremely hard for me to do but I DID IT. I figured it was not worth getting into it with the man. I think the one was okay about it anyway.....the other man was probably on his male hormonal rag! (that sounds bad doesn't it?)

Anyway...been almost like early summer here. I MEAN in the 80s most days!!! Wind is picking up today. Supposed to rain tomorrow perhaps. We SURE could use some rain. I just checked the status of weather in Ohio. That seems to be all they are getting. RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN. AND COOLER temps. If we go there for a visit that does not sound like exciting weather huh? Keith is so panicking about possible tornadoes. Noah LOVES tornadoes right now and the winds...etc. I love the wind..always have and so does NOah. Keith cannot stand it.

So....going to try to finish cleaning this house this weekend. Not much left to do really. Need to get the Easter stuff together..and the Christmas stuff...put that all away. I WILL get it done as I am going to be working under pressure now!

Anyway....I guess I should get off here and do something constructive!


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