Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 2011 - Full Moon Dreamboard - The Full Frost Moon

November Full Moon Dreamboard - The Full Frost Moon

November Full Moon Dreamboard - The Full Frost Moon by postthelove featuring sparkle jewelry

Jamie over at Jamie Ridler Studios prompted us this month on our moon dreamboards as follows:

"Under the Full Frost Moon it is time to deepen our dreams, to grow powerful roots of support as we move into the colder months. Allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams. Let’s choose to give our energy to the things that nourish our hearts and our lives, while releasing what no longer serves us. Let’s fill not only our dreamboards but also our calendars and lists with what we dream of.

This moon’s question: “What dreams would I like to grow roots for?”
What are you dreaming under this Full Frost Moon?"


I am not so much dreaming this month...but actually watching things begin to unfold in front of me....I see changes up ahead...BIG CHANGES! I very much feel like this girl on the raft....going somewhere....not exactly sure where I will end up...feeling a little scared...but somehow knowing it will all turn out for the best in the end! My experience with these types of changes in my life in the past has proven that to be the case at least 99% of the time at least...but they are still scary to go through. I can feel it....sense it.....see snippets of it beginning to happen...and my stomach is filled with butterflies of anticipation.

I am talking about BIG CHANGES...SHAKE UP MY SNOWGLOBE type of changes...where my world will be filled with tornadic flying debris like this snow here in this snowglobe....all swirling around me until eventually it falls and settles all around me to soft, quietness once again....

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Very nice snow globe.