Friday, September 25, 2009

The Joy Diet...Week One...."DO NOTHING FOR 15 MINUTES EACH DAY"

I decided to start a small JOURNAL for the next book we will be working through in The Next Chapter...THE JOY DIET by Martha Beck hosted by Jamie Ridler from Jamie Ridler Studios.

Here is a link to read all about it...sign up....and read others' entries each week.


You can also check my sidebar as I always have the links posted there to all the NEXT CHAPTER books we work through.

I have many journals so I grabbed one that I had purchased at our local dollar store and began writing my thoughts about this week's assignment on DOING NOTHING. I will do this every week and then make a VISION CARD to include at the end of each posting in my journal as well. Here is what I did this week and my thoughts: (YOU will have to CLICK on each picture to see the enlarged picture to read it)

I imagine as the weeks go by and I diligently try to remember to work in this journal each day posting my thoughts....on each week's assignments.....I will perhaps become more creative. I have not felt well this week so I used a lot of images instead of doing much in the way of my own drawings.

How did you handle your 15 minutes of doing nothing??


sherry ♥ lee said...

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to "see" your progress as we work through each chapter.

Here's to this week and working through truth!

Melita said...

i love your connection to nothing! i just love the name of your blog too :) here's to the truth.

Karen D said...

what a great visual way to share your journey with us, I really enjoyed reading your journal and the last picture was beautiful.

Grammy said...

I love you ideal. That is great. Your journal pages are beautiful too. Have a great week end.

Genie Sea said...

I really love your list of things you learned. Those are very potent and almost universally applicable lessons! :) I also love the images that accompany your pages, they give your thoughts such a richness! :)

Beautiful Witch said...

I love your visual art journal approach to the journey!

Lisa said...

What a magnificentl way to document your adventure with nothing... Bravo! Here's to our next exploration of truth!

Kim said...

First of all - your handwriting isn't that messy - one day I'll post one of my journal pages and you'll see messy. Sometimes I can't even read it!!

It was amazing to watch your journey as you worked your way throught o your truth and what a powerful truth you came to.

I think you have found two separate ideas/truths. One being that you "have become the man you are looking for" and are carrying around that extra baggage (I actually gasped outloud when you hit that realization).

The other truth is that you are your own hero. I understand your wanting to release the excess baggage but you ARE your own hero. With or w/o a partner - you are your own hero and THAT is a beautiful and powerful thing you can hold on to and hug. And - it's understandable that you would want to share that with someone. I wish it for you also.