Monday, October 05, 2009

Full Harvest Moon Dreamboard - October 2009


I have had a recurring ongoing THEME in my life lately so it is of no surprise to me it also showed up AGAIN on this month's moon dreamboard.

When October rolls around I start to smell fires in fireplaces.......and notice the leaves beginning to change. Everything becomes cool and crisp...everything becomes a warm, amber glow. I want to become have orange glow all around me....surround myself with the ones I love....and just hibernate.

I am blessed. I have abundance in so many areas of my life for which I give thanks. I also have abundance in some areas of my life physically that I continue to struggle with....which prevents me from receiving all that I could or even sharing all I could.

So again the message loud and clear to me was "BURN THE FAT"......SHARE THE EXCESS....and burn/remove the WRONG excesses so I can make room for the positive abundances to show up in my life.

This is a time for organizing......removing....replacing.....making the most of my space.....ALL my space...including MY OWN PHYSICAL space ...rather than the other way around...and have it suffocate me.

In 2 short breaths it will be Halloween....and in 2 short breaths after that Thanksgiving. Then 2 more short breaths it will be Christmas......and 2 breaths after that a new year will be upon us. I am tired of saying the same things and yet not acting on them. I am tired of just letting all this continue to fester and absorb my time and attention. I am tired of carrying around the extra person I wish was in my life and feeding it to keep it hanging around.

And again my SIGN continues to read... "JUST DO IT" ....


Helen said...

Your board is full of toasty energy. May your wonderful dreams come true!

Karen D said...

I love the amber red tones that run through this board. May your full moon dreams come to be.

Grammy said...

May you be blessed with all your dreams come true. I love images you chose for your dream board. Have a wonderful week.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Love your fiery, warm and energetic dreamboard! May your dreams come true!