Sunday, September 09, 2007


Yesterday we had a belated birthday celebration for my nephew who turned 15 on August 27. I think we had one of the best visits in the family we have ever had. I am not sure why it seemed different but it did. Everyone seemed in good spirits and no one teased any one particular person overly much. I got some great photos while there which you can see on my photography blog if interested. The link is on the sidebar.

We had tremendous storms yesterday....and coming home the roads downtown were all closed and blocked off. Ambulances were all over the place. Not sure what happened....or if they had a car show or parade or was all very very strange. We finally got home and it stormed some more. We got a tremendous amount of rain but I am very thankful for it.

This will help us to have a beautiful fall this year. I don't mind mowing more often.......or anything like that. I do not enjoy the weeds but there will be plenty of time to pull them up and trim bushes. I am not letting things like that bother me too much this year and my summer has been much more enjoyable and carefree.

Today I have a lot I want to get accomplished. I just cleaned out the furnace and changed the filters....and swept and wiped the water heater down. I do that every so often anyway......and the filters I had let go a little too long this time. I WILL NOT let that happen again...they were filthy! The landlord still wants to come by with his shop vac and check the pilot lights on the water heater and furnace and make sure all is clean. I guess he has some tenants who never clean those things? I have always changed my own filters and kept my furnaces and such clean.

Well....I want to put some things away today and sweep really well......clean up the place a bit. I have a lot of paperwork to do also and I want to tackle MY room. I did Noah's room last week......and except for his closet his room is now back in order and all cleaned up. His closet is clean it just needs reorganized.

I need to organize this room and free up space and put it in order and clean it. My office area that is. SO far that is the one remaining room I do not have in order. Then I will put my fall decorations out. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival anyway so why not put fall decor around me? I love fall.

I have a chicken roasting in the oven.....and it smells wonderful. Noah and I will make some gingerbread cookies in a bit. I am hopeful that after today and tomorrow I won't have too much left to finish off in the make it more streamlined and clean...ready for fall and winter. I think I have decided to hold off on a storage locker...making do with the space I have here and to cut that additional expense. I really need to just get a bigger place. I have always wanted a BIG place....a very large I have plenty of rooms to stretch out and not have to use a room for more than one purpose. SO I am looking around again......and hopeful the right place at the right price will pop up.

I need to go. Time for another cup of far I have had no coffee in a little over a week. The physical side effects have passed and to be honest most of the MENTAL ones which were even more difficult.....have finally passed.

OFF TO GET BUSY! Have a fabulous Sunday and remember to take time to ENJOY LIVING YOUR LIFE......and make sure those around you know you love them!

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