Friday, August 31, 2007


So I knew the coffee creamer was something I needed to stop buying let alone drinking in every cup of coffee I drank. SO......what do I do? I go on a shopping spree and stock up on creamer. I may as well have put a straw in the creamer bottle and forgot the coffee altogether as much as I was drinking.

Tonight I dumped all the bottles of creamer I had down my kitchen sink. I have a feeling this will cut my coffee consumption down tremendously......or at least until I get used to drinking it black again like I always did for many years before I discovered the creamer. Funny when I was pregnant I could not stand coffee. It made me sick to smell it let alone drink it. For that entire time I never had a cup. NEVER! I did not miss it either.

Lately I have only seemed to enjoy it most when I have creamer in it. AND then it sours my stomach. I can feel my esophagus burning. It is not worth it. AND I just bought more coffees.....

I also kept peanut butter on hand so every so often I could have a spoonful.....a small spoonful........

Well.......I imagine that is not great to do I tossed it.

I have made a commitment to a lifestyle change and taking the best care possible of my body. Those items will not contribute to that goal so they have to go. I sit here typing this I am already wondering where my next fix will come from.....I must be slightly crazed from all the creamer!

The coffee creamer does not own/control me.......neither does the peanut butter....though I doubt anyone around me would have seen that.

Reality is what it matter how much you try to see it remains reality. AND my reality has changed for the BEST and I will only allow positive things in to contribute to that and continue to remove any negatives I discover along the way. I will do this always.....for my lifetime.

My life is worth so much more than a quick, one-night-stand-temporary-fix from coffee creamer or peanut butter!

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