Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I decided to watch a movie last night so I chose "Night At The Museum." If you have not yet seen it...I would highly recommend it. It was funny and had a lot of action in it as well. It is a very good "family" movie and the kids would love it!

Otherwise it feels like we are in the DOG DAYS of summer and summer only officially started less than one week ago! The temperatures continue to compete for position with the humidity making it feel like an inveritable sauna outside!

(I KNOW I KNOW.....inveritable is an urban slang....n. It is used as a slang/secretive term for a verifiably, extremely, 100% undeniably, more so than average, slammin hot girl.

adj. Used to describe a situation that is verifiably extremely, 100% undeniably, more so than average, slammin hot.

Example 1.

Guy 1: "Damn, did you see Mikerich's new girl?"
Guy 2: Yeah, I can't lie, she's quite the inveritable.

Example 2.

Guy 1:"My mom left for vacation so we can get mad beer and alcohol, get wasted, and call mad white girls tonight!"

Guy2: "Oh hot damn.... thats inveritably awesome." has been it makes for superb headaches if you spend too much time outside.....that is if you can breathe. Today I will get to experience it firsthand as I will need to go mow my weeds! Yes....not really any GRASS to mow today.....we have had such a drought all our grass is basically dead/dormant. BUT the weeds have taken off and are getting up there. I have not seen anyone mow now for at least a MONTH which is unheard of this time of year! Till today....the neighborman is also outside mowing HIS weeds. SO I won't feel like a total idiot outside mowing weeds since someone else is doing it also!

I have some bushes that need trimming as well but those can wait till dusk or nighttime...besides I need some hedge trimmers!

Anyway....I need to get back to work for now. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Melissa said...

I really liked that movie, Audrey enjoyed it too!