Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I just finished mowing the front and sides...and decided to trim all the bushes a bit anyways. GOOD thing I went out and mowed as some moss/vine thing had started to wrap itself around my air conditioner outside.

I am now ready to tackle the back.....and am unbelievably hot and sweaty!

I feel like a total idiot mowing my weeds.....but it does look better. Next MAYBE I will plant a few flowers and put my RED, WHITE, and BLUE stuff up to get ready for the Fourth and the rest of the summer.

I cannot wait till I can take a shower! I imagine the neighbors all think I have lost it now.

I wish there were a way to sometimes just mow at night.....

UPDATE......I finished mowing....and trimming. Everything looks so much weeds is ideal! AND I finished just in time cause it has been raining buckets! We really needed the rain so I am not complaining. In fact....I would love to have a couple of rainy days!

I got my luxurious I am sweeping, dusting and cleaning the house as well as doing a couple loads of laundry. I also just made some grilled chicken and a big plate of spinach! YUM! I LOVE it!

I think I will watch another movie tonight too....not sure which one yet. I will give a review if I do.

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Melissa said...

No rain at all here, it's so strange, I hope tomorrow we get some rain. My grass is brown now.