Saturday, June 04, 2005

So....I have pains in my stomach/abdominal area today and I am sure it is because I ate some nuts yesterday. I guess I will have to LIMIT how many I eat in the future as they always seem to do that to me these days.

Floyd actually called last night. I was STUNNED. His friend who now has Power of Attorney had already contacted me to make arrangements to pick up some of FLoyd's things we have. BUT I was stunned Floyd actually called. His fever broke and he is now in the REHAB WING at the hospital where he will be for a few weeks. Not sure where he will go after that but his friend and Social Services are working on it. He will most likely have to go to some type of assisted living place or nursing home or somewhere like that. They have all said he will most likely not be coming back here to live which we already kind of knew about.

Anyway he called to THANK us for all we have done for him so far. He was very appreciative of everything and realized I guess that he would have died if we had not convinced him to go to the hospital this last time he had problems. In fact he said the staff there many times did not even thinnk he would make it then. So.....he is at least slowly getting better from the meningitis now and his hydrocephalus may never improve but he could possibly get a little better but it looks like he won't be able to live on his own ever again.

He does seem thankful to be alive though and he sounded good on the phone. He gave us his new phone number at the hospital so we can stay in touch. I thought that was nice.

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