Saturday, June 04, 2005

SO many storms in our area last night it was unreal. June is notorious for Denver to have some unpredictable storms that include INTENSE lightening, flash floods, hail, intense rain, winds, tornadoes, etc. We had ALL those last night and the flooding was probably the worst it has ever been since I have lived here. SO many areas and roads and HIGHWAYS and intersections were a mess with flooded waters and cars and buses becoming stalled and trapped and then FLOATING down the road in mini rivers. Fire/rescue squads were out RESCUING people from trapped cars. It was unreal. Roads were being closed. Water up to the windows of the cars! Hail all over the place so deep it looked like snow! It was just incredible. I am thankful we could enjoy it all from the comforts of our home and not have to be out in it!

We did keep Daddy updated on the storms as all the messes on the roads affected his drivers.

Today it is still raining and cool..about 45 degrees so far. Super cloudy and I doubt it will clear off much. I LOVE this kind of weather too though so it does not bother me.

I have much work to do and need to get to it.


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