Thursday, March 24, 2005

Went to see ROBOTs the other day. Was a very cute movie and good. We all enjoyed it. COST BIG BUCKS to see a movie these days especially if you get snacks. We usually don't but did this time. About 20.00 for tickets and another 20.00 for snacks. I mean ONE drink each and ONE bag of popcorn for all 3 of us and 1 bag of M&Ms. Brother.

Cloudy, rainy and snowy...looks like fall excep things are trying to green up a bit. NICE. I enjoy a nice rainy day and we rarely if EVER get one here in Colorado. I love to smell the rain....hardly get to do that either. I wish you could bottle it up somehow.

Well....Easter is almost here. Cooked some eggs this morning. Will do some cut out cookies later with Noah along with the eggs. Or maybe tomorrow. Not sure.

This time of year marks a special time of year for me. It is when I officially became a Christian.

Have done very well this week with Keith home. I got a lot cleaned up and boxed up and sorted. MORE to do...but we now will probably get a locker and then start taking things to it. We had thought about having movers do that but I think Keith is right. Just take things over ourselves every so often. Once the boxes are out of here and we box up more and take those to storage too...we can paint or finish anything here we need to do. We will be able to live a bit more comfortably as we will have more space. We can then list the condo for sale if we want as we still need a bigger place. Homeschooling Noah full time now and we could use an extra room for a classroom/arts/crafts type room.

Anyway...guess that is the latest and greatest here. Keith is at a doc's appointment this morning for his physical.


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