Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well we went and let Noah go to school today as he is feeling better. He apparently tried to BITE another child's arm however in the sink area as they were fighting over the water being on and on..etc. THANKFULLY the other kid had a long sleeved shirt on, which protected his arm! BUT....we were upset when we found out this. Sometimes it sounds like Noah has been regressing but at the same time he has made tremendous progress.

Meanwhile...the school psychologist met with Noah's assigned IEP teacher aide today and us after school and we talked about what we found out at the doctor's yesterday and the school psychologist said she thinks Noah is gifted....or GIFTED TWICE or GIFTED/LD ....basically meaning he is extremely intelligent but has learning disabilities/behavioral issues to deal with that he is struggling with. Weird......but after she explained it it makes better sense too. They are bringing in a behavioral specialist to observe Noah again and see what she thinks. She I guess also is familiar with Aspergers syndrome and gifted twice or gifted switch outs I think they call they switch from one thing to another so quickly? I found websites about this and she gave me books to read about it.

Anyway...all is overwhelming. Now we wonder if Noah should even be in a public school setting at all....he is doing well...but yet he has problems behaviorally/socially that for some reason seem to be flaring up really bad lately. He is not a monster or does not treat anyone badly..don't get me wrong. BUT...he can totally lose it for no really good reasons lately.....he is hard to predict.....just has major meltdowns or seems to get we wonder if the school stuff is just too demanding on him right now? I HAVE NO IDEA at this point but know we are probably headed in the right direction. I am hoping the pediatrician will call soon and let me know about the referral to the specialist at the CHildren's Hospital so we can go from there.

Anyway...just an update!

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