Wednesday, November 17, 2004

We took Noah to the doctor today as he has been really sick. Finally got him some medicine....he MAY try coming back to school tomorrow. He has a bad sinus infection now and is being treated.

We did review some things while there and did find out that Noah does NOT have autism (as MOST have mental retardation which Noah does NOT have) ....he does NOT have autistic spectrum disorder (again as most have mental retardation) or ADHD. is POSSIBLE he could have Asperger's syndrome....and sensory integration issues (which we already know he has)..or a combination of BOTH. We are currently in the process of getting a referral to have Noah seen and evaluated a bit further by Dr. Goldson at the Children's Hospital not so much for more testing....but to review our more recent concerns and his symptoms. He also does NOT have Fragile X syndrome which was something we had wondered about years ago when he was smaller. Again they would normally have to be severely mentally retarded in most cases..especially with boys..and again Noah does not meet that criteria. The school psychologist is wondering about him being GIFTED....or GIFTED TWICE which means he is highly intelligent but has learning disabilities (such as behavioral, language, sensory...etc). So..time will tell and we should know more down the road. Will be interesting.

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