Sunday, January 15, 2017

2nd week Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 - Bear Medicine taught by Jennifer Albin I have to admit for some reason I did not even want to do this lesson at first. I am not sure why I fought it so hard....and I just let my thoughts rest for a few days..tried to work on ideas....was not happy with any of them.....and then I saw others start posting their creations and I finally got more inspired and the larger "warrior" inside me (which I actually DID start out drawing me as more of a warrior with a bear) just gave up and shrank into this child.....and I have to say I felt so relieved and elated but finally SAFE! I wish I could express all the emotions that went through me.......and this bear. I have always been drawn to POLAR bears......always....and I have always seen them as my guide but also more importantly my protector. The warrior inside me suddenly shrank into this vulnerable tiny girl and into the arms of this polar bear.......and it was like I broke free somewhere in my real life finally. What an amazing feeling and the end result when I look at this...I am so happy....and I love how this turned out and it literally makes me cry every time I look at it. So thank you Jennifer Albin for a great lesson and for causing me to give many hours to my inner thoughts and finally allowing myself to just let go and go with it! Week 2 - Bear Medicine

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