Thursday, August 04, 2016

my version of the Snow Queen -mixed media (taken with 3 different lightings)

my Snow Queen

my Snow Queen

Snow Queen

I took some of the elements I have learned so far in the Ever After course and incorporated them into MY version MY style of the Snow Queen......I started with a monochrome undercoating but in shades of blue.......I painted the face, owl and crown but cut them out to glue onto a larger paper in order to create basically a storyboard and tell a story with my painting and of course add LAYERS. I embellished with stencils and texture paste, glitter, outlines and shading and jewels......loved working on this and plan on doing some more fairy tale characters like this. I just wish now I would have done this on canvas! lol

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Beth Niquette said...

OH WOW!!! This is beautiful. Fills my eyes, it does.