Friday, January 02, 2015

A New Year begins.........

Seems the year goes by so fast....and before we have had time to even think back on all that has occurred ...the present year becomes the past. Before I get too busy with just every day activities again I really want to take a few moments to think back on 2014 and everything that has happened before moving headlong into 2015.

But here it is January 2, 2015 already. Things continue on each day regardless of whether we want more time to "reflect." Work for me is quite slow right now and so many changes will be coming for me in the next few years...I have MUCH to think about.

Christmas for me this year almost did not seem like Christmas. I had snippets of moments where it did..but they unfortunately seemed fleeting. While I am  not entirely clear on all the reasons "why" this was the is how it was. Part of me does not want to take down the trees because I almost feel like I have not yet even had a Christmas...even though I know I have. It too has come and passed.

So......I will try this coming weekend on my days off to take down the Christmas decorations and put up the Valentine's Day lights and clings on my windows while still leaving up all my snowman and snowflakes and other winter-themed items.

Sometimes my head is so filled with things it really seems like someone holding a sloshing fishbowl.

I have tried to remain somewhat creative during this time...and have continued working on my Advent Journal, which I will end up actually using then this coming Christmas 2015. Here are just a few pages....and they are not yet finished. I took an old photo album and removed all those sticky clear sheets from the pages and then added my own papers and trimmings.I have not yet added any page numbers or tabs or all the embellishments I want are a few pages so far.



Caz said...

I felt the same about Christmas this year but i do think that was because I was feeling very unwell. I hope you have a happy and exciting 2015 :-)

Angie at Home said...

I didn't really feel like it was Christmas because Grandma wasn't here. Also the kids are grown up; and it's always more magical when little kid are around.

Next year we are adopting a family at Christmas. We enjoyed doing that in the past and I think it makes us appreciate the Christmas season more.

My tree is still up. It will probably come down this weekend.