Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Project Life

So...another New YEAR is upon us...and it has me thinking about a lot of things. Another year has gone by and I still have not put my photos into actual scrapbooking albums or even a plain photo album..although I could probably open my own scrapbook supply store with all the supplies I have purchased over time. I was thinking about that last night...wondering what you would do in an emergency..as photos are definitely things you would want to preserve..and I was trying to figure out how I would ever grab any actual PHOTOS in time of an emergency to remove from my home in physical form. I mean most photos now are digital and you only get them printed off if you want to...and I still think DIGITAL keepsaking is the wave of the future and is something we really should all undertake...and definitely STORE all our memories and photos in a digital manner...BUT...I still love the feel of real books in my hands and viewing memories turning an actual page. I was reading blogs today to catch up on my last official day off from work from a vacation and I discovered Becky Higgins' Project Life. If you have a lot of photos and want to get them into a scrapbook of some sort/album but have less time to really devote to it..this may be a great tool for you. I am going to be purchasing myself a kit or two or more...and start going BACK IN TIME putting all my memories into albums. I am also still investigating DIGITAL resources as well..although thinking about going back to SCAN all the old regular photos is extremely time consuming and daunting a task to me. It would become more than a full time job unless you had a new quick scanner system likfe "tryneat.com"....so anyway...if you want to actually produce a quick yet great physical photo scrapbook/album give this system a look. You may be interested too!

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Charles said...

15 yrs. ago, I had a list of 120 'To Do' jobs. I still have 45 jobs listed, & re-doing photo albums is one of them. Maybe this year???