Monday, July 25, 2011

some recent zentangles and artwork I have doodled out...

This is a GIANT sized is like 3 feet by 3 feet.....takes up a lot of my kitchen table space....but I am branching out....would be amazing to do an entire wall! Here I have added some shading and details...trying to decide what all to add to the background and sides of the artwork...

see how large it is? This is on my kitchen table!

close up

Also made a GIANT SEA SERPENT....all with fine-tipped pen pretty much...this took a while and I have to admit my hand cramped up sometimes! lol

Was curious what my giant Japanese fish would look like colored so I made a SMALLER model in my small sketchpad and colored it in...I DO like the color too!

some of the "detail"
which led me to thinking about other fish...goldfish...and drawing more fish..

my little creature...

tried to make something from a kitchen magnet I have

not snakes on a plane...snakes on my brain! lol

another weird looking sea serpent/dragon...not a good one either

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Patty said...

These are all cute.