Sunday, January 02, 2011 vapor...

I spent years envisioning you
an imaginary you
until this past year
when I realized
once again I have been fooled
purposefully conned
diligently deceived

I never knew you at all
you were only what I thought you were
or thought you could be
hoped you might be
but never were
never could be

you were a mere illusion
a dream
purporting to be so big
so voluminous
so perfect

but in reality
so little
so minute
so flawed

so deficient

your vanity encompassed you
smothered you
instead of adding to your power and morality
your enormity
your strength
it paralyzed you
reducing you to a molehill

in my mind's eye you have become decrepit

you are so small
I can no longer see you
or any portion of you
not your imaginary eyes
or your imaginary heart
I no longer hear your imaginary words
or feel your imaginary longings

my incredulity has turned me into a crag
my skepticism into a scoffer
my cynicism into sarcasm

I am slightly Siberian
a bit frosty
almost apathetic
barely breathing
appropriately anesthetized

I complete the motions of my days and nights
I move forward not looking back
my brain rousing from its slumber
engorged with enlightenment
like a water balloon about to bust

meanwhile your brain
and everything you thought you were
lies shriveled at my feet
the size of a grain of sand
mere dust that I easily blow away

Copyright ©2011 man and Sipping The Vast Spring


E said...

Wonderful words : )

Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderfully rare gift you have! I LOVE your words--they are like finely made jewelry--all strung together.

I'd like to feature your poetry on tomorrow's FAT Tuesday (Featured Art Tuesday) Featured Artists. Would you mind?


Beth Niquette said...

WOW! Did you write this?

Melinda said...

you can use anything you want in any format you want on any blog you wish Beth!

Melinda said...

yes I wrote this....