Monday, September 27, 2010

unsuccessful blood blood to give?? was my annual physical....they needed to draw 8 tubes of blood...3 different nurses or phlebotomists blood ever came out of any vein they tried. NOW they are sending me to the LAB...when asked what they could do differently they did not know. Gee...what happens if they can't get any blood to come out either? I mean they tried multiple areas to stick me...heat....I think personally I was that did not help. I did not even SEE the veins in my arms I normally see. SO now I get to fast and go through it all again in about a week!

fun times!

My son was in the ER last night .....both of us got little sleep to say the least.

Today is so much like fall though....I LOVE this weather!

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Charles said...

On my last blood test, 1st nurse & me both got scared on 1st arm; 2nd nuse did ok on 2nd arm after 2-3 trys. By then, I was sweating & told them I have passed out before. She kept asking if I was alright. They always have hard time sticking Edna,(thick skin?). She ends up hurting from all the needles. Why not from fingers, I say.