Monday, February 15, 2010

some more pages from my Healing Art journal.....collage pages

I have yet to do the writings for these pages but have found it extremely interesting the images I choose I almost always end up with a WORD also on my page that stands out to me...and then all the images placed around that word really make sense to me. Here were the last pages I worked on. I don't do this every day and sometimes not even every week. I am way behind on keeping up with this......


Melinda said...

Marie! I FEEL SO BAD! I accidentally hit REJECT on your comment instead of publish! Here it is:

I love your art. Where in the world do you find all those images?
I especially love the words "live well, laugh often, love much" althought the first time I typed it in I wrote "live well, laugh much, love often" which I suppose works as well! :)

Melinda said...

and to answer your question......I don't really get any magazines I usually try to use catalog images that I DO get or images from online searches. THANKS for the comments and stopping by! and yes..LOVE OFTEN!