Friday, January 08, 2010

healing art journal.......

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This is my first "spur of the moment 30-minute" collage in my new journal. I am not completely clear on the entire message yet or what I want to write in the page beside the images...but I think it is something like this. I think it was no accident that the wing of this butterfly tore off as I was applying the glue to it. I see myself as wandering...yet wanting to be that butterfly and flying free to my dreams and hopes. BUT my broken wing slows me down. The image of the Jaguar practically on my back is my reminder I am rushing...time is passing me by so quickly so I rush even more. The image of a Toto-like dog reminds me that there is no place like home..and it is safe and no one can hurt me there or anywhere unless I allow them to do so. I still believe in dreams. I still wish for my knight in shining armor to show up here one day ...but I also realize the 3 horses of the apocalypse is right under my breath all the time. It is like I am wanting it all to come true...but waiting for the something bad to happen and destroy it just as fast as it came. The dandelion card reminds me that my wishes and dreams are also fleeting...and I need to act on them now and not hold back or wait. BUT also that each little piece that gets blown off in the wind will only plant new seeds and a new plant somewhere else and that is not necessarily a bad thing. My butterfly image is flying toward the sunset with a broken wing. Not completely helpless but in my life sometimes it seems like it is taking forever for my dreams to come true.

I am not sure why I picked the black cat image other than for some is full of surprises and you never know what a cat is thinking. The fairy on the crystal ball reminds me of the power to create my own magic and dreams.


Grammy said...

That is awesome! I love your story. It is magical.

Caroline said...

I see a lot of fairy light and magic that overpowers the lurking presence of the black cat.

I read the beautiful comment that you left on Jamie's blog. I hope you keep drawing and writing. Your comment meant more to me than you might imagine.