Sunday, August 09, 2009

I love suns and moons ........

and have them throughout my house. I am always drawn to them and if I see them presented in a unique decorative way for my home or outside...I usually end up buying it or making it.

I found this wonderful metal SUN (flower) that was on a very long pole you stick in the ground and these back leaves will spin around in the wind. IT IS so cool.....perfect sun face....he is winking at you. This was so large I could not take a picture of it standing up as the store did not have it standing only lying down. He was also too pricey for me.....almost 90.00! SO ...I took his picture so I would remember him and then thought he might be pretty top heavy in your yard and not hold up outside too well? NOT sure....if he gets marked down in price I would be tempted to get him!

I also found some wonderful MOON faces for Halloween made up as little Moon Men and one I wanted was sold out but I found this one which was very similar but he also came with an entire body and not just his head so I got him. Isn't this moon face adorable?

AND I found a wonderful metal antique type SANTA magical watch...and had to get it. It was marked way down since it is not holiday time yet. I adore it..and will find a wonderfully magical place to hang it come Christmastime!

This watch is HUGE...not like a pocket watch...but the size of a saucer! At least 6 inches or so in diameter!

I have kept busy working in my Wreck This Journal this week...and have a few new ideas I want to try in it this coming week so I am looking forward to that. Otherwise I need to get off here and get some things done!


Anonymous said...

Great idea to take the photo when you couldn't get the real thing yet. Love it!


lv2scpbk said...

Love the sun and that watch is awsome.

Summer Raven said...

I agree with you! Love Suns and Moons too, can't decide which I love better:) Looks like you find really original art pieces!

Melissa said...

The moon guy is cute, like his face.