Monday, February 02, 2009

I can't's Ground Hog Day!

I have not been able to sleep well this entire past week. My cat chooses to get into things in the middle of the night now which does not help. Just when I start to sleep well he gets into I have decided from now on he will just have to go into his carrier at bedtime. At least I don't have to worry about him attacking me (which he rarely does now when I am asleep at least) or him getting into things.

Before I went to bed to try to sleep I was able to watch Groundhog Day. I enjoy the movie but could not really get into it tonight.

I guess I am still thinking about all the crap the neighbor woman of my grandma's had to say to me about Joe and staying off her property...something. Who knows.....(see post below).

SO now I can't sleep. Here I sit at 2:06 a.m. tired but not able to fall asleep. Even with the cat in the carrier. This will mean I will be toast tomorrow...which is not good as I had a lot planned.



helen said...

Hello Melinda,

Although I read your blogs each day, I am not one to comment very often.

However, I just had to say what a wonderful Mom I think you are...and a good crusader for human and animal kind.

The world needs more passionate people like you.

Take care sweet Melina with the gentle heart. H.

Melinda said...

thanks Helen......I appreciate the kinds words......I certainly do not feel much like a crusader for poor Joe though...I feel I have left him down completely