Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Moon Dreamboards - December - The Full Blue Moon


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This is a rare occasion when we get 2 full moons in one month. So rare it has come to be known as "blue moon" as it happens only "once in a blue moon!"

For this full moon dreamboard I decided to try my hand at painting on canvas. I had a basic idea, but decided I did not want to use traditional paint. SO I used liquid food coloring. I also added of course...some glitter.

Basically at the end of this year 2009 I am already setting my sights on 2010. I am so excited for once at the upcoming new year! I am focusing on all that I know I am about to receive! There were many plans laid and steps taken in 2009 to prepare for the "fruition" of goals in 2010. I am so ready to receive.

Some make new year resolutions and lists of things they wish to accomplish in 2010. I think that is great and I will have many of my own....however...this year I wanted to choose ONE word as my main focus for 2010. I decided on FRUITION! The dictionary definition is:

attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment

That is exactly how I already see 2010 taking shape and I have my hands and arms open wide...ready to receive!

Hence my painting. I wanted to create something magical....because I know my 2010 will be beyond something magical for me. I wanted to create something that resembled the aurora borealis.....with magical moon dust raining down on me.

I also made a little slide show of the moon dreamboards I made for this past year....but I did not start until July 2009 so I only have 1/2 year of moon dreamboards here. I also tried to include photographs of the real moon each month that I had also taken.

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Anyway.....if you wish to participate in FULL MOON DREAMBOARDS go check out my side bar for Jamie Ridler's studio is so much fun! You can also check out other moon dreamboards by going to her web site.

I wish each of you a very happy, blessed, and abundant NEW YEAR!

(AFTER all this I realized I forgot at least ONE of my dreamboards on here...apparently I started in June and it was the STRAWBERRY MOON?? I may have made a mistake then on my other moons.....


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Beautiful! I love the glitter and your painting of the woman stretching her hands out to receive. May your New Year be full of FRUITION!

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Oh, FRUITION.... how splendid! And what a beautiful painting/dreamboard! Many blessings to you as you stop into the New Year with wide open hands!

Grammy said...

This was such a pleasure. I love your dream boards slide show. it was so peaceful and tranquil to watch your dreams float by. And your art work is amazing. You have blessed me with a blissful visit. Thank you.
Big hug you are amazing.

Helen said...

A lovely painting for the blue moon. May your new year bring the glittering fruition you already see coming to you!

Cheryl H said...

What a magical dreamboard! I love your focus word, too.

faerwillow said...

~captivating & a life of fruition...may all you wish to attain be brought forth with ease...brightest blessings~

Jamie Ridler said...

Absolutely magical! May 2010 be full of sparkle. It was a joy to watch your dreamboards flow by in your slide show. What a treat!

May all of your dreams come true!

Msartist said...

Your painting is beautiful! Arms wide open to receive all your dreams and wishes for the year. May they all come true~ Theresa

Karen D said...

Fruition is a great word, I love you blue full moon dreamboard, the image, the colors, the sparkles, it has a magical quality to it.
May all your dreams come true for you.