Sunday, October 18, 2009

FIREMAN's hat from a plastic rotissierie chicken cover!

YES! It can be done. I am not going to use one of my covers to make one however as I like to reuse my covers and only have a couple left. I know I know.....I could go buy another rotisserie chicken and in all honesty after seeing the photo I posted I would like to...but.....I am not right now.

BUT as I was doing dishes today and was washing the plastic cover from a rotisserie chicken I realized it resembled a fireman's hat...those red plastic things you get as a kid when the firemen visit your school? can make one with this cover! Wash it after using...dry it...spray paint it red....apply a badge or emblem to front section and something to hold it on the head if needed and voila! A plastic fireman's hat for a kid! is a gorgeous fall Sunday and I have much to do. Noah and I will head off to take some fall photos and run errands. My sister had posted this video on Facebook and I just loved it. I love to hear rain and I love storms so I thought this was pretty cool that the sounds you will hear all come from people's hands! DO NOT watch the video.....well at first I know you will want to....but close your eyes and just listen. I swear it sounds just like a storm!

turn it up at first but then down as this will become a thunderstorm! (at first too it can sort of sound like bacon frying!) Leave it to me associate even this with food! I cannot snap my fingers like the people in the clip can.

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