Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wreck This Journal Week.......13? I forget....no matter....I am late posting this anyway.....

I have been busy working in my journal...but I did not have time to post any pics last week. Noah and I spent a lot of time at the local county fair. I took so may pics and videos on my camera I used up all my 1 GB memory card...so I have been slowly freeing up space to take more pics. Some of these pics will be blurry ....and I am too tired to try to take more tonight or free up space to take more. I will do that later.

I love Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night" painting and had to include a copy in my journal. I have always loved the colors and the light.....it feels like you could step right into this painting. I did not really do much then but added similar colorings and markings to the background of where I glued a copy of the painting. BUT I LOVE the colors and the page and thought about adding some glitter...but decided not to for now anyway. You almost have to click to enlarge to see some of the details of these pics better.

For this page I used some of my son's hair to make the mouse. Which made me think of Hickory Dickory Dock and the mouse that ran up the clock. So I made a page sort of like that....

TEAM JACOB......any TWILIGHT fan soon to be NEW MOON fan will know what I am talking about. I only asked myself one question when I saw this guy in the movie and upcoming movie clips....."WHY WEREN'T THERE ANY GUYS LIKE THIS WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL????" I mean wow......so I had to make a page to include him in my journal......

OKAY.....I am difficult to explain sometimes even to myself but I LOVE BROCK SAMSON too from the VENTURE BROS. cartoon...yes...>CARTOON. He is the typical BIG BRUTE BAD BOY TYPE......definitely 100% all man......a stud.....and possesses many qualities us women love....but also do not ever want in a man...and yet we are drawn....yes me anyway.....to a man cartoon.......I am weird for sure.

This photo is blurry..I wrote backwards something about "I had fun at the fair this year" I think......and I went with fall colors and stuff since I am very much into fall right now!

I had to include a page from the fair. This documented my time in a streamlined version of me standing in line waiting for my son to get done sliding down this giant slide...which he did for about THREE HOURS! The next day his armpits were sore from hoisting his body up and plopping it down on his burlap sack so many times!

I am excited about this journal and plan on starting another journal..a regular one where I will write thoughts for each day and add drawings....artwork..photos..etc. I also have plans to do a big SCRAPBOOK size where I can do perhaps each double page a ONE WEEK spread....and use the natural manila colored paper that is already in the scrapbook....perfect for artwork!

SO.....what have YOU wrecked lately???

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