Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wreck This Journal: Week 7??? (CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE)

After a couple of weeks of not really working in my journal much this past week I found myself working on it every night. I got a book on CD from our local library and after doing dishes every evening and making a pot of coffee I would turn the book on and bring out my journal stuff and sit and listen to the book being read as I worked on my journal pages. I found working in my journal this week extremely soothing. Working with crayons totally soothes me...I love it. Almost all the stuff I have done in my journal so far has been done with crayons or crayon pencils. I should call it my crayon journal! are some of the pages I have worked on and a few I have started on, but not yet finished.

I only STARTED redoing the cover and back. I found some old Victorian
Images I wanted to add to the front and backside. I also
want to add more and then DECOUPAGE the front and back covers.
I want to make them thick, sturdy, and chunky! Like a hard back book.
PLUS I have discovered things do not want to stick to the slick cover so
decoupage should remedy that.

I wrote on the sides "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE LOVE LOVE!"

On the "Create a nonstop line" page I always read it as "Create a nonstop LIFE" which was a subliminal subconscious weird thing.
SO, I decided I could do a map of my life.
If you click on it and blow it will learn some interesting facts about me.
(OF NOTE, this is a CONDENSED MINI version). AND even though this may be a bit too has become one of my favorite pages too.

On the drawing something ugly/nasty I could only think of a kid eating boogers.

WORK IN PROGRESS: I know I will do more to this page. I tried chewing it. The paper tasted NASTY!!

Once I started drawing these circles...I could not stop. Then I started seeing faces on the blue page, little round faces all bundled up in snow suits and furry hoods. SO I started to draw that. The other side was a sunnier background so I ended up making those flower faces. I will probably add SNOW to the blue page as it seems "wintry" to me and green stems to the sunny flowery page. This I think has become one of my favorite pages.

I decided to document my 4th of July cookout dinner with my family that was also my birthday dinner (as well as 2 of my sisters' birthdays albeit belated). I had taken my journal with me and then added some things to it later.

OKAY...when I first got the journal I was thrilled to see a "LEAVE THIS PAGE BLANK ON PURPOSE" in the book. NOW that I have been working in the journal I found I could NOT leave it blank. I found this cute little girl cut out to add to the page...cause I could not resist. She faces the "CRACK THE SPINE" page I did and her expression was just like mine was when I had to initially even think about cracking the spine of this book!"

These pages reminded me of old I added some school images ..sort of. I also did a #13 on the number page and added a black cat. Most people do not like the number 13 but I love it. AND Halloween...which this then sort of reminded me of.

One word always in my mind....LOVE

My "Draw with glue" page sucks. I am very disappointed in it. I tried using a cheap glitter glue that was nasty. I scraped it off I don't know how many times. I doubt I will go anything more to this unless I get some better ideas!

I added some more to the "Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page" page...I had already posted this last week showing the tire treads but I added more to it.

AND of course I did a real-time VIDEO of taking my journal into the shower with me...a couple of posts before this one if you have not yet seen it. IT did turn out pretty funny. I never thought I would be able to do that, but I did! ONCE in the shower with me I also shaved it and gave it a spa treatment!

For anyone wishing to see that post you can go here:


So that's it for this week. I am also working on many other pages, but I figured this was enough to post for this week!

What have YOU wrecked today??


Lawendula said...

A lot of nice pages! The best (for me) is the non-stop-line page- well done!
Happy wrecking on!

Btw: Not flowers in my journal, only cress seeds ;). They don't need soil to grow.

Grammy said...

Your journal looks so happy. I love your smiley page. Happy wrecking!

Suzie the Foodie said...

You are so creative! I just had to comment and break my own rule and say I love your WTJ.

Oh and my dead basil didn't make it into the pic, LOL. Thankfully my other herbs are thriving due to my neglecting ways.

Melinda said...

thanks Lawendula (lovely name) and and your grandson keep me in stitches every week!

Suzie....thanks for the visit and comment. What rule did you break??

Kavindra said...

Your journal is so creative and wonderful ...
but the non-stop life really takes the cake. Wow, fantastic and clever.

Alex said...

great pages! i love all your drawings. our rain drops look very similar for the shower page!

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like a great project. I just wanted you to know I am starting a new meme on Wednesday called, Craft It Wednesday. Come join me. All you need to do is post something craft related on your blog and then come over to my blog to add your name to linky which will link up here so other people can come and look at your craft and leave comments. My Link

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Oh my frickin' gawd!!!
Beautiful pages! I absolutely love your artistic creative flair while wrecking your journal!
Seriously, you are so talented!

magpie said...

love it all. especially the nonstop line spread.

but what i'm really in awe of
is that you can actually have a pot of coffee at night!

Melinda said...

it is decaf!

Lesley Denford said...

Thanks for bravely sharing your life-map page, I love it! The little Victorian illustrations you've included are lovely too. :)

Beverley Baird said...

This isn't destruction - just beautiful work! Even your awful page is hilarious.
I loved so many of your pages - the circles, even the glitter glue. My glitter page was a washout!
Keep on wonderful wrecking!
Thanks for stopping by!

WrightStuff said...

Inventive, creative, open, honest - there's a lot of personality in your journal.

judi said...

what a great spirit you capured in your wrecking..i LOVE the nonstop life.. wish I had thought of that

Sheila said...

Way to GO!!!! (I've never been able to do that listen to a book thing - puts me to sleep in a hurry - ummmmmmmmmm, isn't that what it's supposed to, at least I thought so when my kids were young, right?) Great use of time and the results are AMAZING!

Jamie Ridler said...

You and your journal have certainly been having awesome quality time together! I love the way that little girl looks at the "Crack the spine" page, hehe. Happy Wrecking!

judi said...

here i am again..showing your page to a friend..I have added you as a fav blog, thanks for sharing yuor incredible talent

Melinda said...

oh wow! I am honored Judi!

Thanks everyone for your visits and wonderful comments!

Hybrid J said...

I love all your little people! Just lovely! Great wreck work! ;)

Lani Gerity said...

And I enjoyed the shower vid.
There should be a medal for bravest wreckers!

Melissa said...

Love the non stop line page Melinda! And love the pages with the little faces, so creative and cute. You're doing great, since I can't really draw, my journal is sitting pretty much empty!

Melinda said...

well 3 words for you Melissa...."CUT AND PASTE!"

or you do well at stamping and scrapbooking...treat it more as that! I KNOW it would look fabulous and really it does not have to look anything you want any way you want with it.

but blank? I am sure those pages are screaming out to you! DO ME...DO ME...DO SOMETHING TO ME!

gemma said...

Totally love your WTJ!

Genie Sea said...

I love the drawings you have added to your pages. They make it so whimsically fun and creative! :)

Beverley Baird said...

Hi again - just wanted you to know that you have won an againgel card in my giveaway.
Congrats - just email me you adress.

Jean said...

Your journal looks incredible! I love the circles and your non-stop life page. Your cover is going to be excellent too!

What a fun journal!

Kim said...

Well, the non-stop-LIFE is AMAZING!! And the booger-eatin' kid - very funny! Great pages!

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

It struck me how your journal is so...populated! The life/line page is awesome. Thank you for sharing so much of your journal and so much of yourself!

NatashaMay said...

I love your little dolls. :) Nice job wrecking!

Annette Q said...

What gorgeous pages! My favourites are the non stop line and the circles. I love that your journal is looking so colourful!

Sherri said...

Your pages are beautiful. The "non-stop life" page was a great idea! What a nice map of events. Happy wrecking!

Sharon said...

You must be this week's wrecking queen! Love the pages - and that continuous line is just great!