Wednesday, July 08, 2009

WiSHCASTING WEDNESDAY!! Full Buck Moon July 7, 2009! AWESOME raspberry colored moon!

as the moon came up last night it was raspberry in color....did you all manage to see it? was incredible. Here is a glimpse:

It was awesome! SO LARGE and SO RASPBERRY in color!! A few Indian tribes have also called the Full Buck Moon "Full Blood Moon" or "Raspberry Moon" or even "Red Berries Moon" because when it rises it appears reddish in color. I could not believe I had the chance to see this moon exactly like that as it first rose last night!

The Full Buck Moon is known as such because it is the time when buck deer sprout velvety new antlers. It can also be known as the "Full Thunder Moon" because thunderstorms are more frequent during this month. It symbolizes a time of harvesting and enjoyment of crops of the season. To some this is the "Blessing Moon". Energy moves into creation. Opportunities for self-reliance and confidence, unity and balance abound. It can also be known as the "Hay Moon" or "Meadow Moon" because the meadows are at their greatest point of growth in this month and it is a time for hay cutting. Some have even called it "Ripe Corn Moon," "Herb Moon," "Grass Cutter Moon, and "Hungry Ghost Moon."

Today on Wishcasting Wednesday, I would like to make a special wish for Jamie Ridler and her new website for her can find it here JAMIE RIDLER STUDIOS

Go check it out for wonderful creative inspiration and guidance to open the door to your own creativity and growth!

With the wonderful Full Buck Moon backing you this week Jamie I wish you success and a smooth transition to your new creative home!

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jamie said...

WOW!! What a moon and what a truly beautiful wish you've made for me. Thank you so very much for your support, your loving energy and your big heart.

You know, I hadn't heard this was also the raspberry moon - totally my favourite fruit! What a blessing :) Thank you for sharing!

big hugs,