Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Joe the dog..........

well my efforts to help finally resulted in a confrontation with myself and one of the owners of Joe. To SPITE me and keep me or my son Noah from having contact with the dog......seeing into the pen easily......touching him......feeding him treats....or anything.....they took down the one end of the picket fence on Joe's pen that faces my grandmother's house....and put up a large privacy fence piece instead.

SO now Joe cannot see out of this end of the see what we are all doing on this side....we cannot easily even see him at all unless we go to the backside of my grandmother's garage area or come down the alley the other that side of his fence area is still open to "view" things. My uncle still went over to pet Joe the other day even though the owner said if she catches any one of us on their property they will call the police. I feel so bad for Joe. I was there last night and would normally have gone over to hug him and talk to him and kiss him and give him treats. This was all I could see instead. I did YELL over to him "HI JOE!" and I heard him bark. This makes me incredibly sad and upset. I feel really badly for Joe....whose sad life probably has become even sadder now as he has limited gaze upon the outside world or any signs of affection toward him with this big fence section up.

I doubt these owners even got a permit to put this fence piece up. SO..instead of doing what was right for Joe and making the pen livable for him.....and spending any money on HIM.....the owner out of spite.....spent money on a fence section and put it up instead.

I think she is a wicked bitch. Sorry.....but it is what it is.

AND to make matters worse...Tom the cat I have been taking care of with the help of my grandmother...until I can take him to MY home in the future that allows cats......seems to have either been shot in the face with a BB gun or pellet gun or got into a fight and bit by another animal or cat. I am not sure..I did not think to take photos of his face last night. The wound does not seem to bother him much and it looks clean and dry and not infected.....he can eat okay. I will have to go back and take photos and monitor the situation and take him to the vet if he needs treatment. I hope these neighbors have not done something to Tom. I may have to bring Tom here to live in my house or backyard before I am in a place that allows pets...just for his safety.


lv2scpbk said...

I feel so sorry for Joe. That poor dog and the poor cat. The cat though can rome where as Joe can't. I hope Joe breaks out or digs his way out and goes to your house.

Paz said...

Why are people so cruel to animals? I hope that something good happens to Joe and Tom. I'm glad you're around to help. I'm sure they're glad you're around.