Monday, January 19, 2009

Vintage Valentine Swap.....I have already received my package...but I have not yet opened it!

I will be mailing my partner's package out on Wednesday unless an item I am waiting for does not show up! I hope she will like it all!

I just got done baking another 125 Valentine heart-shaped gingerbread cookies! My son loves them and he has already gone through the first batch I made just a couple of days ago. Well this time I did eat a few myself.

Sunday I finally had some time to repack all my Christmas ornaments from my tree. I had taken the tree down finally on the 12th of January I believe it was.....somewhere around that time...BUT had no time to wrap all the ornaments and put them back in their boxes and tubs. AND my bubble lights and regular lights. It took me about 5 hours or so to wrap and put them all back. I was able to watch 2-1/2 movies during the time it took me so that was a few hours. (Little Women and The Five People You Meet In Heaven -which was a weird movie compared to the book) I usually watch Christmas/winter movies when I put ornaments away...but after watching Little Women I just watched a movie or two on regular cable. Now to put all the tubs back into the garage....and my house will be back in order! JUST in time to drag stuff out of my office and rearrange and reorganize that area.

CLICK to see some of my ornaments up close! SOME of them!

I am tired. I have to finish cleaning up my kitchen. My sister and her daughter came over today and we went to see our grandma....had lunch with her. I shoveled off her walks and put salt down. I put fresh pine chips in the cat house. I gave Tom and Joe some chicken ....I was so glad to see grandma and Tom and Joe. I was thankful they were all okay and alive!

Back home....visited with my sister and her daughter Audrey. Audrey and my son Noah played together.....we had a quick bite of supper...and they had to go home.

SO a busy day. Tomorrow it will be back to work early....4:00 a.m. starts before you know it....and then doing home-school with Noah...meeting with his teachers online in class....and taking him to speech therapy. I have to take grandma's keys back to her that I forgot I had in my pocket too. BUSY day again.


Rose Haven said...

You have TONS of willpower to have NOT opened that package by now!!! I know if I'd received would be open already.

I hope you like everything in the package...and I'm looking forward to receiving mine!!


Melinda said...

oh Jan....I have to wait until at least February! haha...your package is going out tomorrow via Priority Mail!