Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday - June 10?, 2007

A great day! Beautiful weather! Melissa and Audrey came over....and the kids went swimming in the pool. They had a blast. We stayed outside all day long. I don't think I sat down or still for more than 10 minutes at any one time. Melissa even asked me "don't you ever sit down?" to which I replied "you know I don't think so...unless I am working. I am usually up and moving around and doing something."

PLUS I have a ton of ENERGY these days...and I am LOVING that! MY body feels better than it EVER has....another PLUS! AND I realized today I just love playing hostess.....or at least waiting on people. When I have people over or do a small party I really LOVE making sure they are having a good time and have everything they might want or need to have fun. SO today with the kids I was pretty busy.....but I had a blast.

I actually did get time to visit with Melissa and talk which was nice....we have not done that very much! AND MOM AND DAD.....if you would stop by now you would not recognize the place! ALL the stuff you saw the other day has been put back....and in storage at least for the place is once again clean and nice and tidy!

Anyway....I feel good being this active...and loved playing with the kids. I remembered how much I LOVE MOVING my body!

The kids should sleep well tonight. I can't wait till Audrey can come spend the night again and we will have to do a campfire out back.....and maybe do the Drive-In too as she has never gone to see a movie at one. EVERYONE has to experience that at least once in their lifetime if they can WHILE they can! Creating memories......we created quite a few good ones today!

These little boogers are going to be a couple of heartbreakers when they get a little older....

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Melissa said...

Yes, they had fun and she did sleep well last night. Her back is still a little bit red this morning. We had a lot of fun, thanks for having us over!

Mom said...

So glad you all had so much fun and were able to spend time together. And your house looked just fine, we stopped in with out calling first and you were in the processing of going through items to return to storage. Love you