Friday, September 08, 2006

more on Sacred Sex

To many people the words sacred and sex do not belong in the
same sentence. To others they may imply sex used for
purposes of procreation. To the mystic, sacred sex is a way
to improve our health, strengthen our energy bodies and help
manifest our heart's desires, with the ultimate goal of
communing with God.

Human sexual energy is among the most potent energies found
on earth. The drive to mate is innate in human beings.
Marketers use this drive to sell just about every product
imaginable, from luxury goods to simple grooming items. You
do not have to be a marketing wizard to recognize a long
sports car sliding on a rain-slicked road hints at the
sexual satisfaction you will derive from owning that

The Law of the Triangle states that when two opposing
energies come together, there is the potential to create a
third energy. When a man and a woman come together, the
potential is to create a child. But this energy can be used
to manifest whatever you desire, as well as to commune with

Kundalini energy is the name given to this energy that
usually lays dormant at the base of the spine. Upon
activation by yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, natural
spiritual development, or by a partner whose kundalini has
already awakened, it rises along the spine through two
channels called nadis. Like two intertwined snakes, the
energy crosses at each of the lower six chakras. The seventh
chakra represents enlightenment. The medical caduceus, the
symbol of the American Medical Association, is a graphic
representation of kundalini energy rising.

In many sexual encounters, only the lower two chakras are
involved. This can produce a brief flash of pleasure
followed by a void because the other chakras are not
involved. It can be tiring, as the sexual energy has been
disbursed. Sleep often follows such encounters.

On the other hand, when a man and a woman engage in foreplay
as a part of a sacred sexual experience, they act as
catalysts for each other, encouraging the energy to rise in
their partner. Over time, and sometimes spontaneously, this
energy releases blocks in the chakras and burns off
impurities in your energy bodies. As the energy rises, it is
possible for both men and woman to experience multiple
orgasms. Distinctions between male and female can disappear
and the identification of whose orgasm is being experienced
becomes blurred, as the two partners become one.

Far more sexual energy is produced by such an encounter, and
aside from the obvious potential for pleasure, sacred sex
strengthens the etheric body and opens passages to higher
consciousness. The etheric body contains the blueprint for
your physical body. A stronger etheric body can improve your
health, while magnifying your desires and increasing the
likelihood of their manifestation. This is especially true
for thoughts you hold at the point of orgasm.

For best results, a woman must feel completely safe, loved
and protected in order to release fully the energy contained
within her being. This is an understandable basis for
certain religious beliefs that people should only have sex
within the context of marriage. The issue is not whether you
have a society-approved license, but that the woman feels
loved, protected and adored.

Sexual energy can also be produced by same sex relationships
or by an individual alone, but in these cases you don't have
the opposite polarities or the mixing of the male/female
hormones and body fluids that augments the energy and brings
it to its fullest expression.

Remember, each sexual encounter results in a transfer of
energy. You want to be careful as to what and whose energy
you're taking into your own energy bodies. Negative or low
vibration energies are not conducive to becoming enlightened
and will inhibit your getting closer to God. These low
energies merely add to the discordant energies that must be
burned off if you are seeking spiritual advancement. This is
even truer for women as they are the receptacle for the
male's energy.

In a committed relationship the two partners act as mirrors
for each other, intensifying the purification process. The
goal of our spiritual evolution is to eliminate all
impurities from our energy bodies. Sacred sex intensifies
the process and allows couples to eliminate the negative,
while experiencing higher levels of consciousness than
either partner could attain on his or her own.

When all the benefits are considered: improved health,
release of impurities, strengthened etheric bodies to
manifest your desires, not to mention the pleasure derived,
it's a wonder more people do not pursue this ecstatic
activity. Especially, when it contributes to our ultimate
goal of communing with God.

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