Friday, August 11, 2006

Noah had a temporary meltdown last night before bed. Always a bit stressful even now when it happens though I should be used to it after this many years.

Been raining all night. I think we will likely have an early reminds me of fall outside now except it is too hot and muggy. To just take a quick glance out the window reminds me of fall! It won't be long and it will be fall.....smell of fires in fireplaces and leaves crunching under our feet. The air crisp and cool. I love it!

Much to do here. Still not completely settled into the new house we are renting. STILL need some serious furniture and to finish putting things away. I desperately need some bookshelves and such to put the books away and finish my office area. Noah and I both could still use some bedroom furniture as we are still sleeping on air beds. We also still need living room furniture.

I sort of wish I had like 100,000.00. I could pay off any bills I have which are few....finish buying the furniture Noah and I need for the in advance for rent and power..etc.....BUY some insurance and medical coverage so I can get out from under my ex's help for that...and so we could have coverage that actually covers someone in our area since we moved out of state. I could then put money in the bank as a buffer....would be nice. Would mean I could keep working part-time if I wanted so I could have more time for Noah and homeschooling. I would not have to even contemplate worrying about things even a little bit (which I try NOT to do now about anything but it is difficult). Course if I had a ton of money I would want to help so many people and do so many things. I am so thankful for what I do have...don't get me wrong.

well...time for another cup of coffee.....and making breakfast...while I also work.

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