Wednesday, May 18, 2005

There are times I wish I had a magic crew come in to clean this place up and make it the way I want it and put things into storage for me or better yet buy me the condo below us and make it all ONE unit! guess we really need a new bigger we have more room for Noah to have a classroom and therapy room, etc. We need a CRAFT room. We need storage. We need a garage. A basement would be nice too but not really a requirement if I have enough space in the garage and other rooms. With 4 hours of sleep per night and everything else going on in our lives I have little free time let alone time I feel like physically tackling these larger projects! I often wonder if it will ever all get done. Or when it does...what will I do then? I cannot imagine ever finding it difficult to "find" something to do as now I always have something to do or needing done.

NATE BERKUS where are you??????

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