Saturday, September 11, 2004

Well....everyone in the house is or has been sick with a sinus infection/cold/virus or something. Noah started out with what I thought was allergies....runny/itchy nose and eyes.....cough...etc. I treated him with Benadryl and he improved. Then I got it.....but much worse of course. I also started out with allergy-type symptoms and then it went into my chest....and coughing....blowing of my nose....more coughing and hacking....coughing stuff up....blowing more out...aching all name it. It has been a week and while I feel better I still am not completely back to baseline. NOW Keith has it too..and of course with a is soooo much worse. It is amazing how even if the woman is sick life still goes on and she still gets no rest and still has to do all the things needing done. I managed to work this morning...then did a couple loads of laundry.....put dinner in the crockpot.....made lunch...made a homemade chocolate cream pie....dishes.....Noah a bath.....and still going....and Keith has just laid around all day like he is dying. Well...join the crowd. Talk about a double standard. US WOMEN SURE get tired of that all the time!!

SIGH.....................AND HE IS SO NOSEY!!!!

Meanwhile....the weather has warmed up a lot again. I guess this could be our INDIAN summer even though it is kind of early for that. I still think we will have an early fall and cooler temps than normal as we have so far this summer and early fall.

Noah has been doing very well in school and really enjoys it which I am happy about. I pray he continues to do well and enjoy it.

Keith's other kids are another entire story I doubt I would ever have time to write about. YES....more COMPLAIN I guess I should just hold my tongue. Suffice to say that they are pretty much selfish, self-centered inconsiderate kids. AND nothing will ever change unless Keith puts his foot down. Won't matter if I DO...HE has to also. ENOUGH of that though.

What else is new.....not too much I guess. Noah shocked me the other day as he was in the bathroom and asked: "Remember when you were 36 and saw that scary monster with the big nose, little eyes and little mouth?" I told him I did not know how HE could not about anything like that as he was not even born yet. He said he was sitting in the hall watching me. He said he saw ME see a scary thing.....when I was 36 years old...and he wanted to know if I threw it in the trash. I was not quite sure what he was talking about....but then also did remember that time WHEN I was indeed 36 years old and I DID see something in my bedroom at night. ANOTHER story...but yet somehow Noah knew all about it and I have never discussed it with him. LOTS to ponder on that one.

Well....this is kind of a boring post. I probably should just delete my blogs and start over somehow as these are all just ramblings.


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