Friday, June 04, 2004

It has been a trying few days. I decided over the past few days to work with Noah FULL TIME on potty training. He HAS to get this. I hate to be a mean person about it or get too tough on him but it has to be done I guess. He is doing real well so far today in his regular underwear. No poop in the potty yet but pee. I told him NO COMPUTER, SWIMMING or EATING OUT till he POOPS in the potty. Very frustrating for him but he is listening. HE BETTER!!

Meanwhile I am wanting to redo our home if we are not going to buy a new one. SOmetimes I think when things start to overwhelm you in your own home instead of getting your act together it sometimes seems easier to just start all over again somewhere else! I think since we would have to fix some things here anyway we may as well probably just stay put here for another year at least. Meanwhile we can organize and clean and paint and remodel things only making it easier to sell down the road. Lately I am in the mood to get rid of many things and to make entirely different rooms. CLEAR things out so to speak. I know that is not always practical.....and something my dad and my sister do sometimes and have never understood. Maybe I am finally realizing you cannot have disorganization around in your life space or you too will be disorganized and a mess?? I don't know. It can make my head hurt to just THINK about all these things anymore!

I have to run into work tonight as they had Chartscript down for maintenance and I could not run down last night. OH WELL. I need to get some more things done for I am also doing things here.

Looks cloudy outside and like it could rain soon. We sure could use it!

I am signing off for now.


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