Thursday, May 13, 2004 much for our 85 degree temps. Now we have SNOW! We actually had some nice rain yesterday and then the temps dropped like 40 degrees and it changed to snow. Is only around 35 this morning...and it is SNOWING again. Looks like winter outside except the grass and roads don't have much snow on them as they were so warm for several days. Our pool was also filled and uncovered and cleaned up but not yet opened. Now it is snowing. NOT totally odd for Colorado but kind of weird. I had to bring in all my plants from outside except for my hardy tree and I left my flowers outside but pulled them up close to the balcony door and covered them up with a blanket. I DO hope they will be okay. I probably should have brought them in last night too. I will have to leave all inside for a couple days as it is to be cold till I think Sat. Then more spring-like temps will begin again.

Nothing much new I guess otherwise. Noah only has ONE more week of school, which is just sooo hard to believe! I know he will miss it. I am trying to think of things to do with him here at home to keep him busy and prepare him more for Kindergarten. His speech therapist and occupational therapist both gave me things to work on this summer, which was helpful. Noah has been learning to read. Keith got some of those Dick and Jane books like we used to read in first grade in school. Noah can read an entire story from one of those now. We try to teach him a couple new words every day and I am trying to teach him to SOUND words out. He is very good. I was stunned when he came out the other day and spelled XYLOPHONE! I thought his had a toy with him that told him how to spell it but he did not. Then he proceeded to spell APPLE. And then he is learning. THIS was from a toy Becky had gotten him one year that tells you what words are and how to spell them. He has also been grabbing at a math book we got at the end of his school year last year....from the school. It teaches all kinds of things for all different grades. Anyway...he loves to work in that and do problems. He is learning how to write his numbers better and I figured I better start teaching him how to write his LONG LAST NAME as he will eventually have to know that. He is such a sweetie. He will come up to me and put his arms around my neck and ask me "are you happy mommy?". He does that a LOT lately...but I am not quite sure why all of a sudden. But it is sweet. I tell him "YES...I am very happy" and he smiles and kisses me.

Anyway....he will be getting up soon. I got a late start this morning. Just figured you would all like to know it is SNOWING HERE. I think I will roast a chicken today and make a cold-day dinner....chicken....stuffing....veggies....etc. AND we will HAVE to watch a Christmas movie.

I ordered some new scrapbooking stuff off HSN yesterday! Fabulous I just have to START scrapbooking!!


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